Michael Chan Makes Plea For His Brother’s Life On Indonesian TV

Michael Chan, the brother of soon-to-be executed Australian drug smugger Andrew Chan, has appeared on Indonesian television to make a fresh plea for a “second chance”, asking the Indonesian government to spare his brother’s life.
The interview, broadcast over the weekend, was significantly longer than the one that aired last week, when the families of Chan and fellow inmate Myuran Sukumaran had their time cut to 45 seconds, without subtitles.
“As a family we are very sorry for this situation and we apologise for Andrew,” he said. “It has [brought] a lot of unnecessary shame to Indonesian people and the country.”
He held his brother and Sukumaran up as models of rehabilitation, and said that “they never intended to hurt the people of Indonesia,” alluding to the fact that the drugs they had organised to smuggle were destined for Australia.
You can watch his interview below:
At this point, Chan and Sukumaran’s executions still look likely to go ahead later this month.
via SMH
Photo: Oscar Siagan via Getty Images