PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Metamucil to help y'all with life's crap - literally.

Poos will never be not funny. As much as they’re a natural function of life and literally everyone drops ’em (even the queen, people), a brown-coated turd coming out of your poo-hole is always going to be kinda weird and hilarious, no? Maybe I’m wildly immature, as a 28-year-old who’s done thousands of poops myself.

Would explain the being-single-for-the-better-part-of-a-decade thing.

But look, because of this I wildly enjoy Metamucil ads when they push on out, bringing some larfs to easing constipation. In case you’re not into healthy crap, Metamucil is a daily fibre supplement which gels in the body to remove toxins, waste and some unwanted cholesterol that’ll help your anoos defecate.

Surely I can’t be the only one all for Metamucil’s nuggets of wisdom via primetime television slots – and given their last ads have millions of views racked up on them via YouTube alone, I know I’m right (I’m rarely wrong).

That’s why it brings me craploads of pleasure to introduce to you the healthy-gut helper’s latest commercial. It’s up to the rim with poo puns, and this time the brand’s adding to the stench of politics with the formation of their very own poolitical party. Not a typo, keep up.

Rather than ruin the unravelling of butt vomit puns, Imma just leave this video right here for all of the shits and gigs necessary:

Don’t worry, no actual politicians, parties or democratic principles were used or referenced in the making of this light-hearted film.

Great branding exercise if you ask me. Besides, as my ever-wise father always told me:

Never trust a constipated person. They’re full of shit.