Merry Christmas, We Fucken Made It AGAIN

merry christmas 2021

Well, holy shit family, we’ve made it. Again. A whole 365 days later and we’ve crawled to the finish line of another year despite everything the world threw at us. It’s here, it’s Christmas Day. Crack open a 10am bev mate, you’ve earned it. Merry fucken Christmas.

We thought last year was rough, but fuck me 2021 really just turned it up to 11, didn’t it? Not only did we have two new variants of the bastard COVID flying around, but we’ve also endured lengthy lockdowns, restrictions and rules that change at lightspeed, and enough crap to last us a lifetime. And that’s not even considering the chaotic weather — I mean, Melbourne had that bloody earthquake this year, remember??

Despite everything everywhere happening all at once, we’re glad you all stuck around. We’ve tried to keep a good balance of insightful and entertaining stuff, giving you everything from balls-to-the-wall breaking news to real brain bleach stories.

It’s been an absolute pleasure spending another year doing what we do to have conversations with you all, and we’re super thankful you keep coming back for more spicy yarns and silly headlines.

Even though Miss Rona is trying its hardest to throw curveballs right at the tail end of the year, we hope you’re having a well-deserved rest, bending the elbow on a couple of neck oils and generally spending time with those you love. Be it family, friends, or a bunch of neighbours parked up outside on the nature strip with the outdoor furniture.

To you and yours, have a merry Christmas and a lovely festive season — no matter how you celebrate it or not — and let us have a glimmering hope that 2022 gives us a friggin break.

Lots of love and ice-cold beveraginos from all of us here at PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Stay safe, stay spicy, and get that booster shot as soon as you’re able.