Menswear Maverick Travels The World To Match Custom Sweaters With Landmarks

Let’s cut the bullshit: this story is exactly what is says on the tin.

There are no broader issues to relate it to. No fights, no villains. There’s pretty much nothing to glean from the human condition, unless you really, really fkn stretch it thin (stretched like an old sweater, yiew). 
There’s just one man, one Adonis amongst men, with a shitload of great sweaters.
American artistic knitter Sam Barsky has spent close to two decades making sweaters of places, visiting those places, and then photographing himself with both the sweaters and the places.
But while he’s been making fine garments at least since 1999, according to his humble but packed LinkedIn account, Imgur and 4Chan have only now caught up with Barsky’s art. 
Naturally, he’s gone viral for sweaters of landmarks such as Time Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the New York City skyline.
While these are all beautiful sweaters and photos, proof of Barsky’s dedication to the cause (sweaters) is found not in fixed landscapes, but moments and people.
God knows how long it would have taken to time a crashing wave, find willing Wizard Of Oz actors, and wait for a pupper to sleep in the exact right spot. 
Finally, here is Barsky, next to a tank, while wearing a tank top sweater. Because at this point why the fuck not?
There are a bunch more interesting pics with stuff like skeletons, toy soldiers and sharks, so we strongly suggest viewing the whole album
But trust us, the photos don’t seem to ever actually end, so make sure you have an hour or so to kill.
Source and photo: Imgur.