Get Around These 6 Easy Ways To Guarantee Legend-Status At Yr Local Watering Hole This Summer


Most didn’t think the day would come that we’d be able to get back on the bevvies, but by  god it’s here and it’s glorious. Now that most of us have the green light to hit the bar/pub/watering hole, the group chat is probably blowing up with plans for summer. Luckily for you, we’ve got just the place to start.

Mark your calendars for December 6th (the first Sunday of Summer), cause hoo boy there’s something big brewing. Canadian Club are doing the nation a solid and shouting over 60,000 C.C. & Dry’s to thirsty punters across a bunch of venues nationwide. No, seriously, we’re talking hundreds of venues across the nation inviting you to slide in for a freebie.

While we’re absolutely frothing at the mouth to get back out again, there’s a coupla things we should all keep in mind. Listen up while we teach you how to be the hero of the Sunday arvo pub sesh this Summer.

Get picky

A memorable night out hinges one simple thing – location, location, location. The venue is going to set the tone of the entire experience, so it’s important to pick the right place (no pressure). We humbly suggest kicking off your pub debut at one of the 500 participating venues to claim your free bev, because nothing starts a party like a free drink. To have a peep at your nearest participating place, see here. 

Once you make it to the holy land we call the pub, it’s important not to immediately removed for rowdiness. Nobody wants to be catching an Uber of shame home at 7pm because they got you all booted from the venue. Ruining the night for all your mates? Not so legendary.

By now, we’ve all been doing this dance long enough to know the rules backwards and forwards, inside and out. Wash those hands, check into every venue and maintain social distancing rules – all that good stuff. While this might sound like a snore, if you’re the social secretary of your friend group then it’s important to do your research for the sake of the greater good, like the champ you are. 

Shout it out

If you’re looking to take home the hero badge, surely the most obvious bid is to buy everyone a round. The generous drinks-giver is everyone’s favourite person on a night out so it’s an easy way to win over the crowd. 

If you’re trying to tighten the old purse strings, the easiest (and cheekiest) thing to do is hit up one of the many venues slinging free C.C. & Dry’s. Just breeze up to the bar, flash the bartender the QR code on your phone and be on your merry way. This way, you still get to take home the legend title but you don’t have to spend a cent – better yet, don’t tell anyone you didn’t pay for the drinks. Especially if you’re on a date, people don’t love that.

Get in, get out

It’ll come as no surprise that all pub-goers detest that person who gets to the front of the line, only to order a grand total of twenty espresso martinis. Not only are you gone for so long that your mates have probably filed a missing person’s report, you’re also holding up the entire bar.

We all want to enjoy the pub now that we finally can, so for the sake of us all, please get in and get out el pronto when ordering drinks. How, you ask? Try to order things that can be poured from a bottle or a tap so the bartender can slide it straight into your thirsty mitts. Whatever your poison might be just be sure to make it snappy – your mates (and the entire venue) will thank you for it.


Keep it classy

This one goes without saying, really. While we all love knocking back a few, you’ve got to fight the urge to descend into trash town.

We get it, we’ve been stuck inside for an unholy amount of time so it’s only natural we’re ready to hit the pubs and get buck wild – we’re just suggesting you do so with your dignity intact. Do all the usual sensible things like not mixing white wine and tequila and not blowing up your ex’s phone (a surefire way to guarantee more drinking is needed).


Smash the pub trivia

You know those people that seem to have endless capacity in their brain for useless facts? It’s time to become one of those people. Nothing makes a night out more legendary than taking out the winning title for pub trivia. Plus, the prize for these things are usually, you guessed it – booze.  School up and get ready to dazzle the joint with your epic, worldly knowledge.


Get the gang home safe

We might be skipping ahead twenty steps here, but the getting home part is more important than the going out part. Your legendary-duties aren’t complete until everyone is tucked up in bed at home without having made any dumb decisions (it’s a big ask, we know). Once the night has reached its peak, hit the kebab stand, eat it on the pavement and go the hell home like the classy people you are. With everyone following the rules and being on their best behaviour, there’s plenty more nights out to be had so you don’t need to cram all the craziness into one night.

At the end of the day, being a legend on a night out is really just about looking out for your mates, and in these wild COVID times it’s more important than ever.


Friends, it’s finally time rejoin society and enjoy our libations outside our homes. Nothing on this earth will taste sweeter than that first drop at our local, and we’re 50 shades of stoked to be getting out there and amongst it.

If you’re keen to be crowned hero among your mates, mull over our suggestions. Keep COVID safe, keep your mates safe and have a bloody good time out there. We’ll see you at the front of the queue for that free C.C. and will likely keep running into you as we hit the rest of the participating venues. Cheers.