Melburnian Gronk Wears $1,100 Fine For Drunk Driving A Motorised Esky

Before we get into this: drink driving is for fucking losers and is absolutely inexecusable. Doesn’t matter if doing it on an esky is a bit funny, it’s still an unforgivably irresponsible thing to do and we in no way endorse hopping on the piss and getting behind the wheel of anything.
A twenty-year-old Melbourne man has lost his licence after being caught drunk at the wheel of a motorised esky in Mooroolbark last night, a stunt that will also cost him $1100 in penalty notices and ruins the good name of motorised eskies everywhere.
P-plater and apprentice carpenter Josh Griffiths was caught with a blood-alcohol level of 0.041 around 11pm by police who, presumably, had an incredibly easy time of catching up with him. 
Griffiths will lose his P-plate licence for three months and receive the aforementioned penalty notices for drink-driving (like an absolute idiot) and operating an unregistered vehicle (in this case, an esky), which is obviously unsafe but substantially the less dangerous of the two charges.
He had been partying at a friend’s place and, in a statement to Ten News, appeared pretty chill about the whole thing:
“I just fixed my esky and took it outside, and then about 10 minutes later the police came down the street and got me.”

“You know I’m on a little Esky and I’m not drunk at all, I’m not disrupting anyone.”

While it’s obviously good that no one was hurt, Leading Senior Constable Adam Dickenson emphasised that Griffith’s drink driving had, y’know, the potential to hurt a fuckload of people:

“To have this young man riding around poorly lit streets whilst alcohol affected, with no vehicle lights and not wearing any protective equipment, it’s simply a recipe for disaster.” 

Drive sober gang, no matter how flippin’ rad your mode of vehicles may be.
Source: The Age.
Photo: Facebook.