Melbs Just Got A Huge ‘Famous’ Mural, So You Know Some Lawyer Is Pooping RN

Rule #453 of the internet: If it blows up in pop culture, someone’s gonna paint a freakin’ giant mural of it somewhere.
Probably in Melbourne.
Probably lushsux.
To wit, in the fallout created by Kanye West‘s nude celebrity robotics orgy that was his music video for ‘Famous,’ we now have it immortalised in glorious paint slathered some 3 storeys-high on a wall in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Cremorne.
Taking the now-iconic shot of robot Kanye, robot Kim, and robot Taylor Swift all lying in bed together absolutely starkers, the mural has reportedly cropped up at some point over the weekend on a wall at the construction site of a residential renovation in the area near Richmond Station.
Though not officially claimed as of yet, the work definitely appears to be from the hand of now-notorious pop culture artist lushsux, with a sneak Instagram snap appearing to capture the ever-elusive bloke in action yesterday morning.

Cheeky cheeky #lushsux so cheeky I’m sure we’ll hear the story for this one soon enough… #wip #melbournegraffiti #melbournestreetart #muralart #lush #allthoseshapes #urbanart #graffiti

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The owner of the building site was reportedly quite coy and aloof when questioned about the piece, only going so far as to state that he “didn’t mind” that the mural was there.
The mural has, for obvious reasons, caused a little bit of a stir in the area which gets heavy commuter traffic in peak times.
A big-ass mural featuring both Kanye West AND Taylor Swift. Yep. That take-down legal note is gonna come in at world record pace. Start the bloody stopwatch.

Photo: Lucinda Price/Supplied.