Melbs Horror-Themed Venue Accused Of Peddling Actual Moonshine As Jim Beam

Well then.

Melbourne horror-themed venue Witches In Britches has been accused of distilling moonshine and passing it off to customers as name-brand liquor.
The whole “potions in cauldrons” thing would be stone-cold incredible, if the allegations weren’t quite so serious. After all, it’s staggeringly easy to create literal fucking poison in the pursuit of potable alcohol.
According to The Herald Sun, police will allege 450 litres of homemade liquor were discovered at the dinner theatre’s premises last September.
It’s claimed the venue poured the counterfeit devil water into empty bottles from legitimate distillers. It’s alleged Witches In Britches then attempted to pass some of the liquor off as Jim Beam, along with four other reputable spirits.
The alleged scam was pointed out to police by understandably concerned employees. Undercover cops then visited the premises, ordered drinks and took samples. Those drams were forensically tested, and even sent to Jim Beam to confirm their illegitimacy.

A 55-year-old man with connections to the spooky joint has been charged with obtaining property by deception, and a raft of charges related to a handgun discovered at his property.

He’ll front Melbourne Magistrate’s Court in the near future regarding those charges. 

Source: The Herald Sun / The Age.
Photo: @fur.n.elk / Instagram.