Melbourne’s Peak Hipster Gives 2nd Perfect Interview & Is He Trolling Us?

‘Hipster’ is a useless, meaningless word used to dismiss the youth for having interests that are too new or weird to understand, BUT if there was one case where it was utterly deserved, it would surely be the peak Melbourne dude inadvertently discovered by an The Age street fashion piece.

Samuel Davide Hains describes his unique personal style as “bucolic socialist” and has infuriated / charmed a buuunch of people on the internet with the carefree abandon with which he clearly embraces both fashion and his life.

Because, of course, that little slice wasn’t enough, a dedicated journalist from The Independent gave a him an full, in-depth interview – the answers proving that he’s the most magical human being alive or he’s totally having us on for a laugh.

Asked what mottos other than ‘Feeling myself‘ spoke to him he responded:

“‘The best thing to hold onto in life is each other’ – Audrey Hepburn. I was in Ikea once and I saw a stock painting of her and was moved to tears. Since then I’ve only smoked Vogues, so elegant. I’m also really into fridge magnet wisdom and ideology, such as ‘keep calm and sparkle on’.”

What ‘neo-hippie bush-doof couture’ looks like:

“Son of an oil baron enlightened for the weekend at a forest festival, or a sex pest in disguise as a self-consciously grubby spiritual leader with a chain connecting every orifice.”

More examples of his day-to-day outfits:

“I have been getting into the label Vetements lately, like their yellow DHL delivery service shirt. I embrace the futility of subversion in the current fashion paradigm. Also, clergy wear and egg shell drapes.”

And, of course, his favourite figure from the 1848 Italian revolution, in terms of fashion:

Garibaldi because his use of neck ties was prescient and foreshadowed the sensitivity of the modern man, while his constant proximity to swords and flag poles affirm the ability to  conquer. Such juxtaposition!”

You can (and should) read the full thing here. Old mate Samuel is either very much in on the joke or he singularly one of God’s most special creatures.

Real or performance art, I want to be this dude’s friend.

Source: The Independent.
Photo: The Age / Tara Kenny.