Melbourne’s About To Cop A Lone 30-Degree Day Before It Turns To Shit Again

We know it’s bloody insufferable, but hot damn does Melbourne ever love a good chat about the weather. It’s not that we’ve got nothing else to talk about, mind. It’s just that there’s so much of it down here.

That “authorities” and “scientists” and “the tilt of the Earth” claims there’s four seasons in Melbourne is a fucken lie. There’s only two seasons: Barbecue, and Non-Barbecue. And while the grey, dreariness of the Non-Barbecue season is technically only supposed to last from ANZAC Day until Grand Final Day, this year’s season has been a particular bastard.

Arriving early with an unseasonable cold snap in April, Victorians have grimaced through a torrid grey period where it’s scarcely been wet enough to justify how completely miserable the weather’s been. So when Grand Final Day arrived and nothing really changed, Vitamin D-deprived brows furrowed state-wide.

But fear not, my fellow moon-tanned friends! The first truly hot day of the season is staring us directly in the face next week, with yesterday’s bout of rain set to give way to a string of glorious days.

The blessed Bureau of Meteorology has issued their forecast for the next week, and shit is looking good as hell.

While the weekend is looking like a mild pair of days hovering around the 20 mark, from Monday onwards it’s fixin’ to get warm, with Wednesday set to produce Melbourne’s first 30-degree day since March.

Look at this beautiful bastard of a forecast, would you?

That is GOOD GEAR.

‘Course that said, we might have to enjoy this little tease of good weather while it lasts; Weatherzone‘s 28-day rain forecast is currently calling for a fairly wet remainder of the month, with cold front events scheduled to occur in late October and early November.

Melbourne weather. The tease to end all teases.