Samuel Davide managed to engage a pretty significant portion of Australia – both love and hatred came his way after he was featured in the street style section of The Age over the weekend. 

But the moment has come that we all expected to happen – glorious ‘bucolic socialist’ Davide is a troll. 

No, he wasn’t moved to tears by an IKEA portrait of Aubrey Hepburn. No, he doesn’t admire the style of Trotsky in leather. And no, his hatred of ‘neo-hippie bush doof’ does not extend to this realm of reality that we live in. 

This person does not exist:

In his latest interview, a fella named Sam Hains explains that Samuel Davide is merely a concept; there is an idea of him, some kind of abstraction. But there is no real Samuel: only an entity, something illusory. He simply… is not… there. No, wait – shit. That’s someone else. 

But you know what we mean. He a damn troll, and he got us all good.

“Samuel Davide is a satirical character. But when the media took such interest in my half-assed, satirical “street column,” my interest in how life is marketed and mediatised grew.”

He explains that a friend of his runs the ‘Street Seen‘ section of The Age, where Davide was originally presented to Australia, and that he felt the urge to create the character due to “wanting to avoid the embarrassment of doing the column sincerely”.

He decided to come out that the media attention was getting too much (sorry man), because he originally just did it as a joke for his mates:

“I came out because I felt the joke was not well-planned, and was self-indulgent and classist to some extent. 

I performed this for my friends, not the nation, not the world. There were no long-term goals, or anything like that. Davide had no media experience.”

He also spoke about the hostile backlash Davide received, saying that people ‘projected whatever they wanted onto him’:

“It’s actually saddening and disturbing that many of the responses to Davide’s outfit and demeanour were vitriolic and aggressive. 

What if he were a real individual in society? How would he bounce back from this? It would’ve been hilarious to explore Davide and perform his decline into madness, but this is taking up too much of my (Sam’s) energy.”

Suppose this is a pretty important time to remind us all to be kind to each other, mates. Don’t get aggressive with someone because you don’t understand their vibe. If for no other reason, do it in memoriam of Samuel Davide; the greatest concept of a concept our generation has ever seen. 

Source: VICE

Photo: The Age.