Melbourne has taken the reigns from Vancouver as the best place in the world to live, which is no wonder really. Have you seen the short shorts those AFL players wear! Need I say more?

The survey undertaken by London-based Economist Intelligence Unit also ranks Sydney, Perth and Adelaide in its top 10. This means Australia has some of the most enviable cities in the world to live in. But, really, we already knew that!

What makes us so attractive, according to Economist Intelligence Unit survey editor, Jon Copestake, is our low population density and relatively low crime rates. Not even the rising costs of living can seem to dent our appeal, Mr Copestake said.

The survey ranks 140 locations as having the best or the worst living conditions, with cities scored on political and social stability, crime rates, access to quality health care, cultural events, the environment, education and the standard of infrastructure.

Melbourne – 1st
Vienna – 2nd
Vancouver – 3rd
Sydney – 6th
Perth/Adelaide – 8th
Auckland – 10th
Brisbane – 21
Wellington – 23
Athens – 67
Harare in Zimbabwe – last place

Words by Alena Nickell