We all know Melbourne is a chilly place to live. Right now I am curled up under a knitted blanket like a small prawn, gripping on to my hot water bottle as if my life depends on it. Actually my partner has started calling my hot water bottle our third because it is so consistently in my clutches.

Honestly thank GOD for hot water bottles (I accidentally just typed ‘hot wattle battles’ which is stupid and funny) because this morning was the coldest Melbourne morning in four bloody years.

According to The Age, temperatures in the CBD dropped to 1.2 degrees around 6.30am. If you’re out in the ‘burbs it got even chillier, with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees at Melbourne Airport.

A bunch of shivering Melbournians shared their frosty pics on Twitter.

And pour one out for poor TikTok user @irresistiblebowelsyndrom whose ashtray froze over during the night. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers etc.

@irresistiblebowelsyndromIts the ashtray for me♬ original sound – Good old british memes
@jamie_in_melbourne Who had frostbite morning Melbourne? 😅 ❄️☃️ 🇦🇺 #iceicebaby #melbourne #winter #frost #tiktokau #tiktokaustralia ♬ Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice