Melbourne Just Froze Its Ass Off Thanks To The Coldest Morning In A Year

Living in Melbourne means that at any given point in time there are precisely two things to talk about: Football, and the weather. And with a quick nod to the boys at the mighty Essendon Football Club, here’s what we’ve got to say about the weather: Shit’s cold.

Melburnians shivered through an extremely rude start to the week thanks to the coldest morning of the year thus far.

At around 7:40am, temperatures in the Victorian capital registered just 2.4 degrees. Remarkably, that makes it the coldest morning Melbourne’s seen since this exact date one year ago; the morning of July 2nd, 2017 saw the city freeze through a morning of just 0.8 degrees.

The clear skies and still winds contributed to temperature reaching icy levels this morning, making for spectacular scenes across the city as the sun rose.

The frigid mornings are set to ease off as of tomorrow, but. Cloud cover and gusty winds will keep the city relatively warmer, with tomorrow morning set to dip to a low of 7 degrees, ahead of a forecast high of 14.

You might want to keep that jacket handy, however. Wind speeds of up to 45 km/h are predicted, aka the danger zone for retaining hats.

Winter in Melbourne. It’s a real time, we tell you.