Melbourne To Host ‘Straya’s 1st LGBTI Wedding Expo As F-U To Gov’t

Raise your rainbow flags in the air like you just don’t care, ‘cos Australia‘s LGBTI community is getting its first wedding expo.
Australia’s leading expo company, Inspired Expos, has teamed up with Victoria’s biggest bridal expo company, Bridal Expos Australia, to take a stand against the community’s lack of representation within the multi-million dollar wedding industry (obviously severely lacking, least of all ‘cos the government won’t pull its head out of its ass to legalise same-sex marriage) by hosting the first-ever Diversity Expo.
The expo will offer the chance for gay and transgender couples to connect and celebrate with a bunch of local LGBTI-friendly businesses, from travel and accommodation to suit hire and catering. There’ll even be vendors advising on family planning and adoption.
The event’s managing director, Tadas Adamavicius, told PEDESTRIAN.TV it’s about bridging the current gap in the market.
“People in the LGBTI community attend traditional wedding fairs but leave disappointed because it’s catered only to heterosexual couples. We want to change that, to celebrate these couples’ love as legitimately as hetero couples celebrate theirs.”
It’s a bloody brill idea, and you don’t *have* to be a member of the community to attend – just a supporter of equal rights / lover of love.
“We’re welcoming of everyone, so come on down. It’s going to be a fun time.”

The event runs from April 16-17 at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Check the website HERE.
Photo: Getty / Justin Sullivan.