Attn Aussies: There’s A Melb-Themed Cafe In Japan Decked Out With Smashed Av & Eggs Bennies

melbourne cafe in japan

Attention Aussie girlies looking to travel abroad: there’s a café in Japan’s Kawasaki that is “Melbourne-themed” and it boasts some delicious bites if you’re missing home. Nothing like an avo toast to remind me of my pricey upbringing while I’m galivanting about Japan.

Latte Graphic” is completely themed around Aussie breakfast dishes and offers up all the classics you’d expect at your local café. I’m talking big brekkies, the gorgeous Aussie coffee and the inimitable avocado and salmon benedict. I’m salivating at the mere thought — time to take out a loan at the bank to afford one.

Japanese food is one of the most elite cuisines on the planet, but sometimes you need to be reminded of home after you’ve been overseas for too long and downed one too many Strong Zeros.

“It was recommended to me by an Aussie mate that had lived in Tokyo for a few years,” said Brisbane-based Twitter user @cosmicjester who visited the café and took some lovely piccies of the menu. 

“There is no shortage of coffee shops in Tokyo, but it can be common for most coffee shops to not open until 10 or even 11am, which doesn’t really suit my coffee addiction.

“This place opens early. The food and coffee were on point, and the only downside is adjusting back to Aussie prices like 18 bucks for a smashed avo, after getting used to 680 yen for the same thing which worked out at about $7.30.

At the beginning of the menu, someone from the café has written out a beautiful ode to Australian cuisine. It honestly has made me rethink my appreciation for the things I take for granted: scrambled eggs on sourdough bread with a sliver of bacon on top.

“The first thing that caught my eye was the beautifully presented dishes and health-conscious ingredients,” the first page of the menu reads.

“It was almost too beautiful to eat, but each of us cleaned our plates.”

To be fair, our brekkie dishes are very well-presented. That’s why they cost a fortune. You’re paying for the artistry that comes with laying out perfect slices of avocado onto bread.

“The interesting thing about Australia is that the people truly understand how ‘beauty and health’ is all about what you eat,” the menu intro continues.

“Australian cuisine is about multiculturalism and the freedom of culinary arts; it uses spices and recipes from all around the world.

“It is not going too far to claim they have the best breakfast in the world.”

Ooof. I need to pay this writer to gas me up on my resumé. They really have a knack for making something sound incredible.

A smashed avocado from Latte Graphic will set you back $7.30, which is pretty cheap compared to most Aussie cafés .

A big brekkie on the other hand is $10.36, which is impossible to pay for over here in cash, but I admire the creativity.

All this talk about the beauty of Aussie brekkie has made me positively ravenous for a bit of brunch. Catch me at my local scoffing down bites with a newfound appreciation.