Melbourne, Sydney Amongst Best Cities In The World For Students

Despite the prospect of fee deregulation, an unchecked culture of systemic academic fraud and scholarships like this being a supposedly chill situation, Melbourne and Sydney have still placed second and fourth respectively in the QS World University Rankings, landing those cities amongst the best in the world in which to live if you’re a student.
According to The Guardian, the power rankings are compiled by “assigning cities scores based on their student mix, quality of living, affordability, employer activity and desirability.” Melbourne, jumping up three places in the last year, can attribute its runner-up success to scoring a high distinction in diversity of student life; Sydney, however, took a hit where affordability is concerned, but scored strongly in the ’employer activity’ and ‘desirability’ metrics. Classic Sydney.
It’s the second time this year Australian universities have faired well on a comparative international stage after the Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s top institutions counted eight Australian universities in its Top 200; a further twelve managed to scrape into the Top 400. 
All of which just goes to show that we are still, to some extent and in spite of everything conspiring to achieve otherwise, one of the lucky countries.
The Top 10 ranking reads as follows:
  1. Paris
  2. Melbourne
  3. London
  4. Sydney
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Boston
  7. Tokyo
  8. Montreal
  9. Toronto
  10. Seoul