Turns Out Melburnians Are Able To Drive To Exercise Within 5km Of Home After All

Despite some earlier confusion thanks to an rogue social media post by police, officials in Victoria have now clarified that Melburnians can, in fact, drive to a location to exercise if its within 5km of home.

Confusion regarding the complexities o Melbourne’s Stage 4 lockdown restrictions boiled over yesterday, following a Facebook post from the Eyewatch – Port Phillip Police Service Area page.

That post asserted that Melburnians who drive to a location within their 5km radius in order to exercise are still subject to social distancing fines.

“It has come to our attention that there is some misunderstanding in relation to whether or not it is permitted, under Stage 4 restrictions, to drive to a park within 5km of your home for exercise,” the post read. It then cited Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, which only stipulates exceptions for people with mobility issues. The post also implied that police in the Port Phillip service area have been on patrol for exercisers in the region.

After a decent amount of head scratching following that assertion, the Victorian Chief Health Officer has reportedly moved to clarify the restriction, paving the way for Melburnians to drive to exercise somewhere, provided it is within their existing 5km radius.

According to reports this afternoon, the DHHS will update its advice to Melburnians after speaking with Victoria Police. Those people unlucky enough to have copped a fine will apparently be able to have it reviewed.

Melburnians are allowed to leave their houses once per day for a maximum of one hour for the purposes of exercise, and are permitted to do so with one other person not from their immediate households. Social distancing of 1.5 metres between people should be observed.