If any of you fine readers are living in the great state of Victoria, you will know this: the weather here is so bloody unpredictable it’s basically one huge clusterfuck where any finite season becomes obsolete. It’s actually gotten to the point where this is something to be kinda proud of. So precious are Melbournians about our climate’s temperament that any one of ’em will fight you to the death that Crowded House‘s famous banger, ‘Four Seasons in One Day’, was written about us (it’s actually about Auckland, to clarify). 

So, in classic form, the past few days (nay, weeks) in Melbourne have been bloody terrific. The sun has been beaming, and people have been crying with joy about it. Naturally, then, shit is about to get real dark. It all started yesterday morning, when the clouds descended and we got a solid downpour for the first time in months. 
Typically, Melbourne sees about 50 millimetres of rainfall in March. Today, when it really started to pelt, we got about 20 millimetres of the stuff. That means we’ve pretty much reached our quota. 

“[If] we get a few more downpours overnight we could meet that monthly average”, said Stephen King, the Bureau of Meteorology‘s senior forecaster/author of classic horror novels such as ‘Carrieand The Shining(nah, they’re not actually the same person – but oddly feels like a logical side project for the guy). 

It started pissing down again at 2pm today, and King reckons another epic one is coming, like, right now. So, sorry, dear commuters, but you’re gonna be looking pretty bleak when you get home tonight. King even issued a warning for flash floods:

“These storms could easily produce 10 to 30 millimetres and possibly more, even 50 to 60 millimetres, so we are quite concerned about flash flooding in the Melbourne area this afternoon”. 

It has been advised that people shouldn’t drive, ride or walk through flooded areas, and to remove yourself as far as possible from storm drains, creeks and the like. Apparently, everything should be back to “normal March conditions” by Thursday/Friday. To be honest, I was feeling pretty tripped out by how unseasonably warm it’s been here for the past few weeks. 

So, I guess that’s it, folks. This is the beginning of the end. Hold on to the sporadic hot day while it lasts – we will be chilled to our core again so very soon.
Source: Broadsheet.
Image: The Day After Tomorrow.