Melb’s Royal Botanic Gardens Are Reopening This Weekend If Yr Within 5km & Keen For A Sniff

mebourne royal botanic gardens

Spring has sprung, the grass iz riz, and the gates to the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens are swinging back open this weekend so everyone within a 5km radius can go and shove their faces into some flowers. Hell bloody yes mates, I’m absolutely fanging for a bit of a sit in the park.

From 7.30am on Saturday, September 26 (this weekend!) the big gardens that run along the southern side of the Yarra River will reopen, allowing Melb folk with the garden in their radius to visit for their two hours of allotted exercise and recreation. It might not be much, but God it’d be great to be able to go and huff those flowers again.

It’s important to remember that we can only visit with one (1) other person or the members of our household for now (at least until Sept 28 when it’s expanded to five people across two houses), the gardens will also have capacity limits in certain areas, and all of its narrow walkways will be a one-way thoroughfares only.

So it’s best to do your research and figure out how you wanna get around the place before you venture out with the picnic basket in tow.

If you’re living a bit further out east, the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens are also reopening from Monday, September 28, so you’ll be able to head over there for some nature time if that’s in your 5km radius.

The botanic gardens will be open until 5pm daily, which is ample time for an afternoon picnic, or maybe a gentle weekend stroll through the gardens.

Look, a win’s a win at this point, and now that we have another grassy spot to park our asses and have a little bit of maxo-relaxo time, I’m not gonna take it for granted ever again.