Here’s Everything People In Melbourne Can Do Now That Restrictions Are Being Eased Tomorrow

In some much-needed good news for Melburnians, the city is ending the second step of eased restrictions starting from tomorrow. In short, Melbourne restrictions are taking a small but important step to being in line with the rest of the country.

That means after tonight, the curfew is finito! However, there are a bunch of other things that are also changing overnight.

“Not only have we been able to drive down cases from the hundreds – we’re well on track to hit single digits in the next few weeks,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“That allows us to make some small, but significant changes.”

Let’s break down what those changes actually are.


You can now go to the shops with other members of your household, because the one-person, once-a-day limit on shopping has been lifted.

That being said, non-essential shops are still closed.

“I would just say, go shopping for the things you need when you need them,” Andrews said.



One of the most difficult Melbourne restrictions was the ban on gatherings, both indoors and outdoors. Now there have been some small changes.

The outdoor gathering limit has been increased from two people to five people, as long as they’re still only from two different households. That limit doesn’t include children under 12.

People who live on their own will still have a nominated bubble buddy for the time being, and anyone caught in an unlawful gathering could be up for a fine of almost $5,000.

Eating out and drinking

Sadly, cafes, restaurants and bars can still only open for takeaway. No changes here just yet.


Uni students and VET students in their final year will be able to return to campus if they require in-person teaching.

Meanwhile, VCE and VCAL students will be able to go into school for assessments from October 5, and from October 12, they’ll return to onsite classes like normal.

Primary school students will also go back on October 12, however Years 7 to 10 students will still be learning from home for the time being.

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If you can still work from home, then that’s what you’re supposed to keep doing for the time being. For most workers in Melbourne, restrictions haven’t really changed.

However, there will now be a partial return to work for a few select industries, including childcare, construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, postal and distribution services, healthcare, gardening, landscaping, real estate and higher education.

Working out

The limit of exercising within a 5 km radius of your home has now been extended to your workplace, too. However if you’re currently working from home, this won’t change much.

Personal trainers can train up to two people outdoors for up to two hours per session.

Some facilities, like outdoor pools and park equipment, will be able to open with some restrictions. Other facilities like skateparks and trampoline venues will still be shut.

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Face masks

Masks are still necessary, and within the next two weeks, it’ll be compulsory to wear a proper, fitted mask as opposed to just any old face covering. Check out the full details here.