The organiser of the violent anti-vaccine protests in Melbourne this week has been charged with incitement.

According to the Daily Mail, 24-year-old Harrison Mclean was arrested at his home on Saturday morning while members of the alleged Melbourne Freedom Rally collided with police for the seventh day. He was charged for the first event on September 18.

The former Monash University graduate and former cheerleader, who had reportedly been planning it for at least four months, orchestrated it all in a channel with over 13,000 users on Telegram. There, he encouraged people to take a stand and protest against mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns, however, there is no evidence to suggest he incited the violence we’ve seen in recent days.

“I have accepted bail conditions for release, which include following chief health officer directions, and refraining from promoting Freedom Events that contravene CHO directions,” he wrote on Telegram early on Sunday.

“After advocating for the freedom of all Victorians, incitement charges have been laid against me in relation to the events that took place at the World Wide Rally for Freedom 4.0 in Melbourne on September 18.

“My legal battle now begins to continue the fight for freedom in Victoria, against the Andrews Regime.”

He allegedly conceded on Telegram after few protesters attended Friday’s riot.

It is not yet known when he will appear in court.

Earlier this week, Victoria Police found at least one of the protesters wearing hi-vis gear was not a tradie, and others had since tested positive with COVID.

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