A So-Called *Peaceful Protester* At Today’s Melbourne Protest Threw Piss On A News Crew

reporter attacked with piss melbourne protest

A so-called peaceful protester has attacked a 7News reporter with their own piss during today’s construction protest against mandatory vaccinations in Melbourne. Wash your brains, you detty pigs.

In case you’ve missed it, hundreds of tradies have taken to the streets of Melbourne this week to protest against mandatory vaccinations for the construction industry.

Reporter Paul Dowsley was covering the second day of those protests today when he and his cameraman were attacked by a small group. The individuals reportedly grabbed him by the neck before they threw piss on him.

“The outcome of that was Rick, my cameraman colleague, and myself, now being covered in what I believe is urine,” he told 7News host Mike Amor live on air.

“I believe that this has been thrown in my mouth, it’s all over me”.

I’m sorry, piss? PISS? What fucking animal throws piss on someone?

According to Dowsley, via News.com.au, a few protesters came back to check on him and asked if he was okay. They claimed that throwing piss on journalists was “not what we’re about”.

Later during the protests when 7News cut back to their correspondent, another person from the passing crowd of idiots threw a can of V at his head.

This poor man, my God. He’s just doing his job and is out here getting assaulted. What the fuck.

“So, I’ve just been struck at the back of the head by a can,” Dowsley said.

“I’m not sure whether you saw that mate. That really hurt and I’m gonna go back to you, Mike.”

As people in high-vis clothing ran past him, and one shouted “fuck you, dog”, Dowsley described the scene as “passionate”.

“That’s not passion, Paul,” said Amor back at the studio.

“That’s just acts of cowardice. Pack mentality and cowardice.”

Secretary for the Victorian Trades Hall Council Luke Hilakari called the assault on Paul Dowsley “disgusting” and said that the organisation “condemns” that kind of behaviour.

“Paul is a worker doing his job,” he tweeted. 

“Attacking him is disgusting. We condemn this. Every worker should come home safely.”

A police operation is currently underway, but footage taken from the scene has been rather distressing, including one from yesterday that allegedly depicts a so-called protester kicking a dog.