Melbourne Police Are Devo About The Robbery Of A Ninja Lego Statue

A lil’ earlier today, Victoria Police made a very troubling Facebook post. It’s confronting, but we think it’s best you see it uncensored:

Yup. A full-on Lego statue, affectionately known as Ninja J, has been nicked from a store in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg and remains missing. Now, we have some more details regarding the circumstances of this fkn heinous crime.
Fawkner police’s Constable Jon White revealed to The Age that ol’ Ninja J was nicked from toy warehouse ShopForMe on November 4. Why they chose to ruin our Christmas spirit by only telling us now remains a mystery.

It was stolen from the storefront display in such a cliché fashion, it sounds like it was ripped from the kidnapping scene of 101 Dalmatians: thanks to CCTV, we know a white Citroen van reversed at breakneck speed through the store’s gates.

A woman hopped out of the vehicle, ran into the shop, grabbed Ninja J, and bolted back to the van, which hurtled off into the distance. A warehouse worker attempted to chase the van on foot, but it was of no use.

“It was like a heist movie,” Constable White said. “The van takes off at speed, the woman is trying to get in the back with Ninja J, her legs are sticking out the back of the van as it heads away and she scrambled in and the doors shut and that’s it.” 

Ninja J isn’t just any Lego – he is apparently a one-of-a-kind model, prepped for the display window for the Christmas season. While Constable White has revealed he’s been digging into the “tight-knit group” of online Lego aficionados, that spesh statue remains AWOL.
Everything is not awesome, indeed. Here’s hoping Ninja J is able to use his epic Ninjutsu skills to stay safe until he finds his way back home.
Source: The Age.
Photo: Facebook / Victoria Police.