Premier Daniel Andrews has today announced a number of new restrictions for Victorians as the Victoria enters a state of emergency amid a growing number of untraceable cases.

It may have been pushed to the wayside as the immediate lockdown information was announced, but as it currently stands, there are a whopping 760 cases across the state that simply cannot be traced, which is a huge concern for both the government and Victorian residents.

We have cases where people in neighbouring streets who have never met each other and have never had any connection or any interaction and they both have the virus, they’re both mystery cases. They’ve picked it up somewhere in their local community,” Andrews said.

“If we’re going to drive those community transmissions, those mystery case numbers down and deal with less outbreaks and ultimately get this back to a much, much smaller number, then we have to limit movement. I know that’s inconvenient and everyone would love not to be where we’re at but this is the reality that we face and these are the decisions I’ve made and we have to make them because that’s the only way to keep people safe and get beyond this as fast as possible.”

The news comes after a whopping 49 cases yesterday were simply unable to be traced back to an original source.

According to the Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, the new restrictions aim to minimise the spread of these mystery cases.

“We interview people and they aren’t associated with known settings where outbreaks or clusters have occurred. They are literally saying, “I don’t know where I got it from. Here are the places been to.” We can’t say it’s here or here or here or here because they’ve been to half a dozen places. We know if we change the half a dozen potential places where mystery cases have been to only one to the purposes of getting food once a day or week, then we will have fewer of those cases because there are far fewer opportunities to pick it up,” he said in Sunday’s press conference. 

Essentially, by limiting your movements to a basic daily or weekly grocery shop visit, it makes it easier to clearly identify every place you could’ve potentially been exposed to the virus, which in-turn will help with contact tracing.

But let this be clear, the new restrictions are *not* an excuse to raid your local Woolworths or Coles in a panic-buying frenzy. Do the right thing, stay home and keep your distance.

You can read more about exactly what the new restrictions involve here.