Turns Out Melbourne Is One Of The Most Liveable Cities For Dogs So Hey, Good For Them

Melbourne’s title for ‘The World’s Most Liveable City’ may no longer be its crowning glory, but at least it now has the title for one of the most liveable cities for, yep, you guessed it…dogs.

Today is International Dog Day (because there wasn’t enough random days as it is) and to celebrate a global study was conducted to find the world’s best places for pooches.

Number one and two are unsurprisingly US states: San Francisco and Seattle. The reason I’m not surprised is because the US is famous for the way they treat their pets better than actual humans. Look at Paris Hilton’s dog as a prime example. That dog lives like a King.

Melbourne ranked number 15 in the world, with an overall score of 87.10. While ‘frenemy’ Sydney ranked 34 in the global study, with a score of 78.19. Other Aussie cities didn’t even crack the Top 50, which is defs dogging the boys in my opinion.

The study is based on infrastructure, responsible ownership and the cost of raising a dog. Although, Melbourne may have had an extra advantage due to a recent government decision to spend $2.5 million on building 17 new dog parks state wide.

Of course, Melbourne’s sweetheart and avid dog supporter Molly Meldrum, was not surprised by the results.

“Melbourne is fantastic for dogs, people love them and are very welcoming” he said.

“I take my dog Ziggy everywhere. He even comes into Coles with me to do the shopping; all the check out people know him.”

What a lucky pooch.

Check out the full ‘Top 20’ below:


1 San Francisco, US

2 Seattle US

3 Tel Aviv, Israel

4 Prague, Czechia

5 Hamburg, Germany

6 Barcelona, Spain

7 Warsaw Poland

8 Chicago US

9 Toronto, Canada

10 Lisbon, Portugal

11 Copenhagen, Denmark

12 Madrid, Spain

13 Vienna, Austria

14 Munich, Germany

15 Melbourne, Australia

17 Berlin, Germany

18 Los Angeles, US

19 Stockholm, Sweden

20 Milan, Italy