As of Thursday 28, March, Melbourne commuters will be able to use their Android smartphones to tap on and off of public transport. Yeah, this sucks for iPhone users keen to try out the new tech but the Government’s currently in talks with Apple so hopefully the service will extend to you soon.

According to PTV, you’ll be able to top up and go, touch on and off, know your balance in real time, and view your travel history on your phone via Google Pay. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Pay, the app is a digital wallet and online payment system. You will need to add a digital myki card to Google Pay, the minimum top-up is $10.

Mobile myki will work on buses, trams, and trains in Melbourne and regional Victoria. All fares – Full fare, Concession, Child, and Senior – are available.

Back in February, 4,000 commuters trialled the system using a beta test.

Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne told the ABC the test had “an overwhelming positive response to it” with 80 per cent of users giving it the thumbs up. If you’re a longtime myki user, this almost sounds too good to be true.

But Daniel Bowen, who was part of the trial, shared a YouTube video of his experience and… it works. Both old and new myki gates *beep beep* with the new system but as Bowen instructs, be sure to point your NFC antenna directly at the reader instead  of placing your phone flat against it.

In conclusion:

  • Make sure you’ve got a NFC chip for contactless payment and at least an Android 5.0 operating system
  • Kiss your myki card good-bloody-bye

You can learn more about mobile myki on the PTV website when it launches on Thursday.

Thursday is Judgement Day. 

Image: Getty Images / Michael Dodge