Kayakers Are Using Melb’s Flooded Rivers As Hectic Training Grounds But Pls Don’t Do This

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Melbourne’s floods are ruining many a Friday across the city and beyond but for a group of professional kayakers, it’s a dream scenario. Rapids in inner Melb have created the perfect training ground for a few paddlers. But may we stress: don’t do this.

Footage shared by The Age shows a group of pro kayakers using the torrents of water in Darebin Creek as a way to perfect their skills.

“I reckon this is the best slalom course in Melbourne,” one of the kayakers says as another one paddles hard against the wild water.

It’s certainly a bit more hectic than the dedicated slalom course at Dights Falls on the Yarra River, that’s for sure.

We’d like to hope these top paddlers know what they’re doing but when it comes to flooded rivers and waterways it’s always best to not try to enter them at all. Floods are likely to have broken trees and other debris washing down their fast-moving water so trying to jump in to cross or swim is never a good idea.

Not to mention floodwaters are likely rife with sewage and other wastewater overflows. Yuck as.

Photos of other areas hit by the breached rivers and rising floodwaters have popped up all over Twitter and Instagram. Coburg’s bin chicken island, Merri Creek and spots along the Maribyrnong River are seemingly the worst hit in inner Melbourne suburbs.


Bin Chicken Island has been claimed by the Melbourne floods😔 #melbourne #flood #rain #ptv

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There’s such a strong urge deep in my soul that simply wants to go wander by the floods (at a safe distance) and just look at it. All I want to do is stand there with my hands on my hips and quietly remark things like “jeez look at the pace of that thing” and “bitta water about”.

It’s only human instinct to go have a butcher’s at a natural hazard, right?