Melbourne’s Egg Boy Mural Has Already Been Painted Over Three Times

If you were thinking about heading down to Melbourne’s iconic Hosier Lane to get a glimpse of the blessed Egg Boy mural that went up yesterday, you’re already too late.

It’s been painted over.

Three times.

[jwplayer 6DM1zWJx]

After artist Van T Rudd (Kevin’s nephew, yes) immortalised the image of young Egg Boy giving political history’s greatest mistake Senator Fraser Anning a solid thwack on the bonce with a bumnut yesterday morning, it would seem the site has become the scene of a curiously annoying back-and-forth.

At some point after the mural went up yesterday, it was painted over in bulk white, leaving only a small square visible in the corner over which someone – Rudd claims “a far right group” is responsible – wrote “#VoteFraser.

Following that, the once-defaced mural then copped an anti-racist clapback, with someone getting in there, splashing a bit of blue across the white, and emblazoning it with the phrase “No room for racism – dismantle white supremacy” in lettering far larger than whoever painted over it in the first place had the apparent balls to do.

But because we simply can’t stop there, that slogan was subsequently painted over a short time ago, with all lettering now blacked out, making it the third layer of new paint over the top of the Egg Boy mural inside the past 24 hours or so.

Hard to see when this apparent artistic arms race will conclude, suffice to say that we’re well and truly glued into proceedings.

Egg Boy cannot, and will not, be denied.