We Get It, Melbourne Had An Earthquake, Here’s All The Best Memes Now Shut Up

memes about the 2023 melbourne earthquake

Wow, did Melbourne have an earthquake last night? I didn’t hear about it on every social media platform ever…

Alright sickos, put down your seismographs and pick up your mememographs (shoot me now) because we’ve compiled everyone’s best efforts to conjure up a funny gag while still reeling from one of the biggest shakes to hit the city since Boost Juice launched its protein smoothies.

First up is a category I like to call “everyone making the same Betty’s Burgers joke but with very minor variations”.

For context, when Melbourne experienced a magnitude 5.8 quake in September 2021, a Betty’s Burgers in South Yarra copped it pretty hard and the front facades essentially got destroyed.

The good news was, that was pretty much the extent of the serious damage to the city, bar a few bruised egos from realising our city wasn’t the perfect, majestic jewel in Australia’s cultural crown we all thought it was.

Flash forward to May 2023 and Betty’s Burgers is the butt (read: bun) of the joke once again.

This next block of memes I like to call “possums, possums, possums” and it is, you guessed it, people joking that they thought the earthquake was actually possums scurrying across their roofs.

After I saw the first Tweet referencing this phenomenon, I giggled. Why lie? I’m only human.

But then I saw the second, the third, the fourth the fifth (the minor fall and the major lift), and concluded that Melbourne residents are truly a hive mind, incapable of original thought.

All we do is drink soy latte, eat hot chip, experience occasional earthquake, wear all black and joke about possum. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

*Comedy is subjective. I did my best. I survived a natural disaster last night, okay?

Please enjoy/cringe/tell your housemates that it was you who in fact, found them.

Okay, now everyone get back to work.

That’s enough internet for today.