For many people, Easter is a time to remember a lowly Jewish carpenter’s ultimate sacrifice. For others, it’s about family, friends, and a mind-altering amount of cheap chocolate. 

On the other end of the spectrum: literally nobody on planet Earth chooses to use this four-day jaunt to get stuck by a random needle, but according to Peter Oakley, that almost bloody happened to him. 

He took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to share images of his Cadbury bunny’s unexpected innards. We’ll admit, this sort of thing is enough to awaken some seriously obscure phobia, but have a gander regardless:

How’s this for an Easter surprise. My mum bought this at Canterbury Garden Woolworths in Kilsyth. Keep your eyes out…

Posted by Peter Oakley on Friday, 25 March 2016

He said his mother bought the chocolate from Canterbury Gardens Woolworths, and it had obviously been tampered with in-store.

“Looks like someone peeled back the foil and jammed it inside and then put the foil back in place. The loose bit of chocolate was still inside,” he said in another Facebook post. 

Melbourne Dude Finds Syringe In His Choc Bunny, Creates A 0/10 New Phobia

Yahoo7 News reports the store in question has been notified. Whether it’s a one-off act of bastardry or a terribly misguided attempt to remind diabetics to watch their insulin, we can all agree that biohazardous sharps and confectionery are definitely not meant to be together. Ever.

Source: Yahoo7! News. 
Photo: Peter Oakley / Facebook.