Melbourne Dad Tells Of How Daughter Survived Bataclan Massacre

Overnight, the family of an Australian woman came forward, revealing that she was among those present at the Bataclan concert hall during yesterday’s deadly attack, and narrowly escaped injury by pretending to be dead until help arrived. 
Melbourne woman Sophie Doran, aged 30, was in the venue attending an Eagles Of Death Metal show when attackers opened fire. The friend standing next to her was shot, suffering non-life threatening injuries, and the pair then hid behind chair backs for half an hour. 
Doran’s father has since spoken to ABC News, saying:
“From what she tells me, the carnage as it’s described and the bloodbath seems to be an accurate reflection of what they all saw in there … It was a horrible thing, but I’m just pleased my daughter’s alive, my sympathies go out to those people whose daughters and sons and brothers aren’t alive.”
Yesterday, in the aftermath of the deadly attacks in Paris, it was revealed that a 19-year-old Tasmanian woman, Emma Grace Parkinson, was among those shot at the Bataclan concert hall. 
The most recent updates indicate that the Hobart teen, currently living in Germany, suffered non-life threatening injuries, and has been treated in a Paris hospital. 
via ABC News
Photo: Thierry Orban via Getty Images