Cops In The Melbourne CBD Are Testing A Massive Public Warning System Today, Just FYI

If you happen to be out and about in the Melbourne CBD today, you’re gonna be hearing some amplified noises booming out around the traps that are neither the insanely loud pan-flute man in the mall, nor the shrill crackle of a Myki announcement being barked through a broken tram speaker. Rather, it’ll be Victoria Police testing a new fangled public warning speaker system in various zones throughout the CBD from 10:30am this morning.

[jwplayer VAsBDGBh]

The new speaker system is designed to deliver instruction and evacuation information to the public in the event of a critical emergency or large-scale incident.

Police confirmed the test loops will be played through five different CBD zones – covering Swanston Street, Elizabeth Street, Federation Square, Southbank, and King Street – from 10:30am through until about midday.

The speakers will play clearly worded message that the announcements are a test only, and are said to be part of routine testing, according to police.

In a statement, North West Metro Region Commander Tim Hansen stated that police were “testing the system to ensure it is running as it should so that if a major incident occurs police can quickly alert the community of any imminent risks and ensure their safety.”

He further stated that “uniform officers will be present at the speaker sites to assist with the test and answer any questions the community may have,” and that the “next routine test is scheduled to be conducted in the CBD in early 2020.”

So there you go. The annoyingly loud cop sounds in the city this morning are a test only. Be alert, not alarmed, etc.