The COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has today been listed as a Tier 3 exposure site. Yep, the vaccination centre, of all bloody places.

That means anyone who visited the vaccination centre between 3:15pm and 4:00pm on Monday, June 7, should watch carefully to see if they develop any COVID-19 symptoms.

However because it’s just a Tier 3 exposure site, you don’t have to isolate or get tested if you’re not showing symptoms.

“One positive case did have a brief visit to the vaccination centre at Jeff’s Shed,” Testing Commander Jeroen Weimar told reporters on Tuesday.

“They were immediately directed to leave and to go back to isolation.”

That person is believed to have gone for a COVID test, and then went to get vaccinated straight after, which is a huge no-no. For anyone getting a COVID test, you have to isolate at home until it returns negative.

“For anybody who is a primary close contact or anybody who is a positive case, you must get tested and isolate,” Weimar said.

“You cannot go to a vaccination centre. They are for people who are healthy, fit and eligible to get their vaccine.”

Two people at the clinic have been identified as close contacts of the person so far.

The good news (if you can even call it that) is that Weimar was confident that there’s no risk posed to the wider community.

The full list of current public exposure sites in Victoria has ballooned to around 300 in recent days. You can see if you’ve visited any of the venues on alert at the full list here.

Remember: COVID tests and COVID vaccinations are not a two-for-one outing. If in doubt about your symptoms, stay home.

Image: Getty Images / ullstein bild