Man Detained After Attempting To Rip Door Off Plane At Melbourne Airport

A man has been detained at Melbourne airport after rushing the tarmac and attempting to force his way onto a Jetstar flight, allegedly injuring several baggage handlers in the process.

Nine News reports the man, who was allegedly told by staff he was several hours late for his flight, managed to exit the terminal and made a bee-line for the plane at around 9:30am.

Witnesses say the man climbed halfway up the stairs to the plane’s door before being restrained by baggage handlers, but then managed to reach the plane itself.

He was seen kicking at the door and attempting to tug it open before being successfully restrained.

Australian Federal Police officers are said to have arrived around five minutes later, successfully detaining the man.

One of the baggage handlers was reportedly injured in the incident.

A Jetstar representative said the man has been immediately banned from all future Jetstar and Qantas flights.

Engineers are said to have inspected the plane for damage before its departure, delaying the flight by as much as an hour.

The kicker: the flight wasn’t even heading to the man’s original destination.