Melb Cyclist Suffers Bung Tooth After Bike Slips On Deliberately Poured Oil

There are a lot of idiots in the world, but there’s one specific type of huge fucking dickhead who I will simply never be able to understand: the rage-filled anti-cyclist.

And today we may have met one (or several) of the most deranged, with news coming from Melbourne of a poor cyclist who’s copped one hell of a bung tooth after slipping from her bike due to oil being poured across the popular bike path she was using.

A pic of the purposeful oil spill (via Channel 9).

Cyclist Brittany Slater has spoken to Channel 9 about the incident, saying she lost control of her bike and “fell forwards on [her] nose and teeth”.

Slater also says this is not the first time she and fellow cyclists have noticed the deliberate oil spill, with local police now attempting to find the culprit, who continues to endanger the lives of people just trying to get their pedal on.

Australian Cycle Alliance President Edward Hore has told 9 News:

It’s another bizarre situation where a cyclist has been attacked on separated infrastructure away from cars. It’s like it’s a targeted attack. We’re demanding police involvement. There’s plenty of CCTV in the area. We need this done because the path is used by up to 900 riders an hour (at peak hours).

The insanely dangerous activity comes after several recent incidents where actual fucking tacks were littered across bike paths ahead of a protest ride.

VIC Police continue to review CCTV and have also appealed for anyone who may have seen any illegal activity such as these by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Stay safe out there cyclists, most of us love the heck out of youse xo.