Poor princess-to-be Meghan Markle just cannot catch a break from her estranged family, who appear to be insisting on showing up in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons.

First she’s got her half-sister Samantha Grant to contend with, who’s slated to be publishing a memoir of their relationship titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister and who will just NOT stop commenting on Markle’s upcoming nuptials with Prince Harry.

And now she’s got her future sister-in-law going and getting arrested for assault on New Year’s Eve.

According to TMZ, who specialise in this kind of public-record-combing gossip (and we salute them for it), Darlene Blount was arrested in Oregon for 4th degree assault at about 4am on New Year’s Day. She had allegedly got into an altercation with her fiancée, Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr.

Thomas and Meghan share a father (and a sister in Samantha Grant), but according to the Daily Mail Thomas hasn’t seen Meghan since she left home for the bright lights of Toronto and her star turn in Suits back in 2011.

He told the Daily Mail,

She got to the point where she got busier and busier so it was really hard to nail her down. It’s not really that we grew apart, it was she was out there [in Toronto] doing her job – it was the biggest deal she got on TV so she had no time.

But we spent a lot of weekends together with our grandmother before she left.

He also said that while he’s not holding his breath for an invite to the royal wedding, he’d be stoked to get one. Wouldn’t we all, mate!

I can’t tell you how powerfully I want Meghan Markle to invite her entire limelight hungry, alleged assault-committing extended family to her lavish, regal wedding in May (Thomas was also arrested last January for holding a gun to Blount’s head, which is fairly fucking full on and might give one a generally negative impression of that side of the family).

Still, the thought of the Queen meeting Samantha Grant, who’s made a habit of calling Prince Harry’s fiancée a “shallow social climber” is enough to sustain me until at least the middle of the year. How much American boorishness can the robust royal politeness withstand? Please, please let’s find out.

Source: TMZ
Image: Getty Images / Max Mumby