Media Watch host and watchdog king Paul Barry has been hospitalised after someone drove into his bike while Barry was on the way to work.

Barry revealed that the public will have to miss his witty remarks from ABC’s leading media analysis program this week, “after a thoughtless driver backed into the road without looking and cleaned me up on my bike as I rode to work.

“Not sure when I’ll be good again. Soon, I hope.”

In a tweet announcing the news, the Media Watch host was seen in hospital with a PPE face mask and a heavy bandage and cast around his hand. He said that the encounter has left him with a broken hand and pelvis. Ouch.

“I’m lucky, it could have been so much worse. [My] brain appears to be intact and [there’s] probably no long-term damage.”

Which one of you journos did it? Well, it was fucking one of yas.

In response to the news, journalists from across the Australian media industry have sent him their best wishes, with the best coming from Ten News First’s National Affairs Editor, Hugh Rimiton: “Speedy recovery Paul. Did you catch the name of the journo who did it?”

Pour one out for the TV show legend who recently slammed WHO Magazine for pretending they interviewed Scarlett Johansson, and called out Alan Jones and MP Craig Kelly for spouting COVID-19 misinformed bullshit (the latter of which got the big angry egg man’s column pulled from The Daily Telegraph). If you saw me nearly bring up the time Media Watch gave a simpering tribute to Alan Jones, no you didn’t.

With Paul Barry admitting that he doesn’t know when he’ll next return to Media Watch thanks to this injury, the network may be in need of a temporary replacement. People are gunning for Laura Tingle but my suggestion? 7:30 host and avid roaster of politicians Leigh Sales.