The Hong Kong Macca’s Twitter Went Rogue & Where Is This Man’s Son, Ronald?

Over the weekend, the greatest corporate Twitter account we’ve ever known hurtled into our lives with a force of a thousand suns. This morning, it was shut down.

RIP @Mc_DonaldsHK. Gone too soon, but never forgotten.

Usually, corporate Twitter accounts only differ from one another by varying levels of awful, at least until one of the people running them decides to go rogue and tell a celebrity to fuck off or something.

But we cared deeply for the official* account of McDonald’s Hong Kong.

Behind the relentlessly cheerful, sugar-coated posts of the very official Twitter account was a desperate man whose wife had left him.

What good is a Happy Meal when all you know is pain?

Where is this man’s son, McDonald’s? Where is his wife?

Some naysayers see the account as nothing more than a superb piece of performance art, dramatising in real time the total breakdown of a fictional man employed by the most recognisable company in the world.

But us? We see it as a Very Real Thing™ that both critiques and satirises late stage capitalism. This man’s wife? She left. That’s on her. But his son – his son was taken by “them”, and we are forced to assume that he means the big man himself.

Twitter, it seemed, did not agree with us. It shut down the account this morning for violating the so-called ‘Twitter Rules‘ about impersonation.

It seems that Big Macca’s has its hand everywhere. A spokesperson told PEDESTRIAN.TV that it “continues to notify Twitter in regards to new accounts that purport to be McDonald’s accounts but are not associated with the brand”, but like the many heads of Hydra, you cut one off, and two more appear in its place.

*lol sure.