John Mayer Is Doing Photo Touch-Up Services For Diplo Now, Apparently

There are two ways you can view this. You can be a cynic: you can say that any fun repartee between Diplo and John Mayer was written by some social media manager as part of a campaign to drive up hype on whatever music it is that the the pair is working on together. Sure. That’s a not-unreasonable conclusion to come to. OR you could open your heart up. You could assume that, yes, in real life, John Mayer is relatively competent at photoshop, regardless of how unlikely that might seem.

Whatever the truth might be, the Instagram accounts of Diplo and Mayer definitely give the impression that the two are sharing some fast and loose banter surrounding Diplo trying to get a good photo of himself in Cape Town, South Africa:

Cue Mayer jumping in the comments to say: “I can easily photoshop this for you.” With this result:

Hideously offended at the notion that he should give away his time and his craft for free, Mayer responds to Diplo’s gripe about asking for money to remove the watermark: “Wow ok guess you don’t like supporting artists.” Not done there he proceeded to take the work one step further in his story:

It’s all happening.

Side note: there has never been a better time to watch this absolutely bizarre sort-of prank show thing Mayer did in 2004.