The Greens Have Picked Up Two (2!!!) Seats In Qld So Adam Bandt Will Finally Have Some M8s

Two Greens candidates in Brisbane have made history by winning seats. An absolutely fkn mega win for progressive politics in Aus.

Greens candidate for the seat of Griffith in Queensland Max Chandler-Mather has claimed the Greens’ first ever win in the electorate. And Elizabeth Watson-Brown just toppled Julian Simmonds‘ safe Liberal seat of Ryan.

Chandler-Mather and Watson-Brown have become just the third and second Greens MPs in federal parliament. Maybe you have to have a double barrelled surname to make it?

They’ll now sit alongside party leader Adam Bandt, who reps the seat of Melbourne. Bandt also maintained his seat in the election.

Chandler-Mather nabbed his seat from Labor’s Terri Butler. It’s been held by the Labor Party pretty consistently since 1998, so once again is a big old electoral upset.

In fact, it’s ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd‘s former seat.

The seat of Griffith is seen as one of the most progressive in Australia with a large youth demographic.

In contrast, the seat of Ryan has been held by the Liberals since 1972. 1972!!! Literal decades!!!

Elizabeth Watson-Brown managed to score a 9.5 per cent swing from the LNP. That’s fkn music to my ears.

BUT WAIT. Just because election night is over doesn’t mean the fallout is done.

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