The ABC is reporting that Matthew Newton has been arrested in Miami for doing a Dexter, resisting police and trespassing on property after a warning. Don’t worry, he hasn’t Bay Harbour butchered anybody. That probably wasn’t the best analogy.

Newton’s arrest is the latest in a series of events, with the most recent – an incident in which he struck a 66 year old cab driver – still be played out in court. The hearing was recently told that Newton was on a “bomb-load” of medication at the time of the incident. Lawyer Chris Murphy failed in his bid to have the two assault charges dealt with under the provisions of the Mental Health Act. Murphy stated at the time that Newton had “moved to a peaceful mid-western community” to escape the scrutiny of the Australian media and public. According to the Herald Sun, Newton was arrested and incarcerated after a bender at Mr Moe’s Restaurant and Bar in Coconut Grove on Saturday our time.

Miami is probably the least peaceful, least mid-western community you could move to. Think Miami Vice, Miami Heat, Miami Sound Machine, Miami Will Smith – hey is that Eva Mendes?