Matt & Alex School You On Toilet Etiquette, Ask You To “Give Your Fudge A Nudge”

So you work in a place that’s suffering from a cleaner’s strike. It’s alright. It’s a thing most of us have to go through every once in a while.

Hell, even Parliament House isn’t immune from this.
But what do you do when you’re suddenly forced to work in an environment where everyone’s fending for themselves? What happens when your gaps in toilet knowledge are suddenly no longer confined to the safety of your own home?
If a deuce falls in the work loo and no one’s there to clean it, is it really a deuce at all?

Yes, it is. And it’s disgusting.
Fortunately ya boiz Matt & Alex from Triple J have all the solutions and advice you could ever need on the matter, urging Australia to “Give Your Fudge a Nudge.”
And let’s face it, a little refresher course never hurt anyone. Stay sharp!

The fact that this needs to be mandatory viewing for all office environments is truly depressing/terrifying.
Help us to help you. Clean up yr poo.