Fark Me Would Ya Check Out The Size Of This Cranky Nope Rope Found In Tassie

tasmania tiger snake

Summer, it’s that gorgeous time of year when you can spend your days floating about in the ocean, hoofing down delicious fruits, and knocking back a cold one as the sun sets after 9pm. It’s also that time of year when slippery snakes come out for a bit of warmth in the sunshine, including the deadly tiger snake.

Down in Tasmania the weather’s been pretty scattered this summer, but that hasn’t stopped this absolute monster of a nope rope from coming out to have a bit of a look around.

Snake handler Robert Arnol shared a PSA on his Twitter of a cranky chonk found in the northwest of Tasmania, who was hanging out right at the start of the state’s snake season.

That, my friends, is a six-foot, well-fed absolutely fuck-off massive tiger snake. No. Thank. You.

The bloke in the photo, an absolute fucken madman, picked up the well-snacked snek with his bare hands (!!!) and took it away from the house, before releasing it back into the bush for it to carry on with its slithery ways.

Look, I can imagine hanging out near a house is probably a sweet deal for a snake. At this time of year there would be so many mice, rats, and other little critters to munch on, and judging by these pictures that tiger snake has been really biting off as much as he could chew.

Rob said that these sightings are not uncommon in the warmer months, with deadly snakes hanging about in groundcover and scrub, often camouflaged from human eyes.

Let this be your PSA to watch where you walk this summer, because fuck knows you don’t want a 6ft danger noodle latching onto your leg.