Massive Haul Of Nazi Artefacts Discovered In A Secret Room In Argentina

Nothing like a wonderful Nazi yarn to kick off your hump day.

This one is pretty wild, though. Police in Argentina have busted open a secret room in a house north of Buenos Aires and found a massive stash of Nazi artefacts, including a bust of Adolf Hitler himself. It’s believed to be the biggest find in the country’s history.
You may be scratching your head about why there’s Nazi shit in Argentina at all. Well, South America became a hotspot after World War II for fleeing Nazi war criminals, who wanted to escape culpability for their crimes during the war. Many high-ranking Nazis ended up in Argentina, and the going theory is that many of these artefacts probably came with that wave.
The haul also includes a magnifying glass which may have been used by Hitler, musical instruments, and even a medical instrument used to measure head sizes. As you can no doubt imagine, that device was used for insanely racist purposes.
The investigation began when authorities found illicit artworks in a Buenos Aires gallery. They followed the collector, and obtained a judicial order to raid their house. The secret room was found behind a bookcase on the premises – because obviously there’s no better place to hide a shitload of Nazi artefacts than in a secret passageway behind a bookcase.
“There are no precedents for a find like this. Pieces are stolen or are imitations. But this is original and we have to get to the bottom of it,” said Nestor Roncaglia, head of Argentina’s federal police.
“We are reaching out to international experts to deepen the investigation.”
The collector has not been identified by police, but authorities have confirmed that they are currently under investigation. There ya go, though. If you’ve got a whole bunch of never before seen Nazi gear in a secret chamber in your house, the cops are probably going to want to know what’s going on there.
Source: ABC.
Photo: AP.