After much umming and aahing about the possibility of the Turnbull Government chucking itself a double dissolution election – a strategy that some *cough* Friendlyjordies *cough* aren’t too keen on – an apparent delivery SNAFU seems to have outed the fact they are gunning for that fabled July 2 DD election date. 

Yep. If the Electrical Trades Union’s VIC arm is to be believed, the literal stacks of campaign posters that accidentally landed on their doorstep show the party is gearing up to shake the great Etch-A-Sketch that is Australian politics.

Again: oops. 

How did this happen? Well, this could have come into it:

Of course, this all comes after a looong period of speculation over whether Turnbull would pull the DD trigger over reinstating the much-debated Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). 

It was announced parliament would be recalled on April 18 in a last-ditch attempt to push it through, but PM Turnbull also told a WA audience yesterday “every indication we have is that [the ABCC bills] will be rejected.”

The signs indicate the Government might have known it’s a foregone conclusion, even earlier than that. 

Labor, on the other hand, have given the only logical response after confirming they’d vote the bills down:

Strap yourselves in, folks. This wild ride is juuust starting. 

Source: Electrical Trades Union Of Australia, Victoria Branch / Facebook. 
Photo: Electrical Trades Union Of Australia, Victoria Branch / Facebook.