Masa Vukotic’s Murderer Sentenced To Life In Jail With 38 Years Non-Parole

The man who savagely and remorselessly took the life of 17-year-old Masa Vukotic has been sentenced to life in prison, with a non-parole period of a whopping 38 years.

Sean Christian Price today appeared in the Melbourne Supreme Court to have his sentence read by Justice Lex Lasry, a highly regarded Justice with a long history of staunch human rights support.
Justice Lasry lambasted the Government and the bail system that allowed Price, a known violent offender who at one point admitted to assaulting then-Health Minister Tony Abbott, to freely walk the streets amongst the public.
In handing down the sentence, Justice Lasry stated that it was “extraordinary” that Price was let out into the community unattended, and that the decision was a “catastrophic example of mismanagement” by Executive Government, corrections, and the bail system.
Lasry also ruled the Price was not mentally impaired at the time of the murder, and had in fact gone to a public library to read media reports about his pre-meditated and callously planned out act. He stated that Price’s recorded police interview was “chilling, pathetic, and sad.”
The sentence was handed down to Price a year and a day after the March 17th, 2015 incident, in which he deliberately set out with the intent to stab someone, and came across Masa – literally described as being in the wrong place at the wrong time – on an evening walk in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster. Her senseless murder sent shockwaves throughout the Melbourne community.
Justice Lasry asserted that Price has shown no remorse for his actions, which also included a subsequent charge of rape (a crime committed after Price realised the gravity of the murder he committed would likely result in a life sentence), and that he sincerely doubted Price would ever be rehabilitated.
Price will not be eligible for parole until 2054, when he is 69-years-old.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.