It Won’t Surprise You To Learn Martin Shkreli’s Prison Nickname Is “Asshole”

A new report into the dealings of convicted fraudster Martin Shkreli reveals the imprisoned ‘pharma-bro’ may still be influencing the pharmaceuticals firm he infamously used to jack up the prices of a life-saving medicine.

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More funnily, the report also intimates his prison nickname is “Asshole”.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Shkreli, who is serving seven years in US federal prison for securities fraud related to a hedge fund he once (mis)managed, has access to a contraband mobile phone and uses it to scheme with loyalists present in Phoenixus AG, formerly the infamous Turing Pharmaceuticals.

The WSJ also claims he has two friends in the low-security facility, named ‘Krispy‘ and ‘D-Block‘, and that he was advised against playing guitar in a jailhouse rock band due to the other members being convicted child molesters.

Shkreli is restricted from operating any business from behind bars as a condition of his conviction, but the paper intimates that Shkreli is still manoeuvring his significant shareholder power within Phoenixus to influence the company’s decisions – potentially including the firm’s recent move to direct US $9.4 million in funds towards research and development.

He’s also going to the prison gym, apparently, and can now squeeze out fifteen push-ups in a row.

The piece ends on an absolute cliffhanger, stating Shkreli recently used that banned phone to fire Phoenixus’ CEO while the guy was on a holiday. That axing was reportedly lowered to a temporary suspension, but a notable power vacuum remains at the top of the firm. There’s a suggestion at least one convicted felon is angling to control the whole thing again.

Oh, Shkreli reportedly has a patchy beard behind bars.

It’s a lot. Read about it HERE.