‘Marriage Story’ Has Hit Netflix And It’s Making Everyone Collapse Into A Puddle Of Tears

‘Marriage Story’, Netflix’s film about divorce, has finally landed on Netflix, and it’s making everyone collapse into a puddle of tears.

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The film stars Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson as a 30-something creative couple going through what they think is going to be an amicable divorce. Fighting for custody of their son and dealing with Johansson’s character’s desire to be based permanently in LA, while they’ve been in New York, sees the separated couple end up in a court room.

Although it had a limited theatre run, ‘Marriage Story’ is a Netflix film, and now that’s it’s finally hit our small screens the widespread reaction is that this movie will leave you sobbing to the point of near-dehydration,

The film is naturally being compared to ‘Blue Valentine’, a film I’ve never had the balls to watch on account of it looks like it would make me sob for days without end.

It’s received a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, has been called writer-director Noah Baumbach‘s “best yet”, and manages to be fun and charming while also pulverising your every last emotion.

There are warnings “not to watch it with your partner”. You’d probably better head them.



The film also stars a brilliant Laura Dern and Ray Liotta as high powered divorce attorneys, which is already making *actual* divorce attorneys wonder if that’s what they’re really like (apparently it is).