16 Of The Spiciest Signs We’ve Seen Supporting SSM ‘Round Australia

This postal vote opinion poll on marriage equality might be an insane and frankly insulting waste of everybody’s time, but the tiny, titchy upside to it is the overwhelming support for same-sex marriage to (finally) be legalised.

Small businesses, governmental departments and even churches around the country are throwing their support in for LGBTQIA folks to enjoy the same freedoms the damn heterosexuals get.

We’ve rounded up the best signs from around the country, but if you still haven’t enrolled or still need to check your details, do so (asap) HERE: https://check.aec.gov.au/

1. The bollards on Bourke Street are encouraging you to enrol.


2. And so are the ones on Southbank.


3. Pitt Street Uniting Church is all for marriage equality.


4. And so is St Michael’s Uniting Church, which has no time for Lyle Shelton’s anti-Christian views.

5. Gosford Anglican Church is all in.

6. And so’s this church.

7. Newtown Firies always have your back.

8. The University of New South Wales is reminding students to enrol.

9. The Menagerie Cafe in Brisbane is keeping you caffeinated AND able to participate in our democracy.

10. Melbourne’s Duckboard Place is looking on the bright side of things.

11. Young Henry’s in Sydney is going full rainbow for the cause.

12. Footscray is getting arty for marriage equality (and so is MP Tim Watts).

13. The entire city of Melbourne recognises that love is love.

14. Like, it really, really does.


15. The drag mailbox wants you to get out and (postal) vote.

16. And you can bet the Friday lizard is telling you to not be lazy (bad) and put your ‘yes’ vote in the postbox (good).

If you see any more, feel free to @ them our way! 🙂